Areas of Expertise

DigitAI focuses on the most recent technological advancements in:
The company aspires to enhance the possibilities and capabilities of the products and services within these sectors, via the development and application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.
Telecommunications, Energy and Water are sectors that increasingly attract attention form the scientific community and policymakers around the world. Material scarcity, Global warming, Consumer preference, Urbanization, Increased global population and Cyber security, are only a few of the challenges that need to be addressed, creating on the same time both uncertainty and new business opportunities.

The integration of digital technology into Telecommunications, Energy and Water sectors is crucial in order to combat these challenges and modernize how these businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.

A global accelerated digital transformation is already taking place with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques being at the heart of this digital revolution. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are recognized as high-potential valuable tools for the next era of innovative Telecommunications, Energy & Water products, services, and business models.