The main partners and key staff of DigitAI -acting both as Technical and Innovation Management experts- have delivered more than 200 EU funded projects, most of which are under FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes.

As technical partners, they have been particularly active in the fields of Industry 4.0, Manufacturing, Process Industry, Advanced Materials, Energy Efficient Building, Renewable Energy Systems, Smart Grid, Sustainable Agriculture, Security (Physical & Cyber).

As Innovation Management partners, they have engaged in the development of end-to-end Innovation Roadmaps supporting all relevant activities from product development to market launch, employing various marketing and financial tools. In the context of Innovation Management, DigitAI has the expertise to develop and implement integrated strategic and business planning, via the execution of market analyses, go-to-market activities and business plans defining how research results will be implemented to foster growth and create value. Last but not least, DigitAI undertakes the design of dissemination strategies, ensuring that innovative products and services will be effectively communicated to the targeted stakeholders and clientele.