DigitAI’s Proposal Development Services package supports clients through the whole process of obtaining grants in various research areas and industries. The company undertakes the identification of suitable funding programs -both national and regional, covering the new EC Horizon Europe funding scheme. Based on the client’s preliminary work, DigitAI assists in the creation of a project outline, covering areas such as: state of the art, partner search and preliminary financial planning. Subsequently, the company offers more elaborate and extensive writing services by providing its clients with assistance in the development of all sections, including detailed financial planning according to the specifications of the funding agency. Lastly, DigitAI has the resources and expertise to guide its clients through all admin grant application steps, to ensure timely and effective submission of your proposal.

The DigitAI team is experienced and equipped to offer Training & Consulting services in order to maximize its clients’ potential in securing regional and national fund to expand their scientific and/or industrial activities. DigitAI offers insights and tips via original materials, Q&A sessions, online support and face-to-face meetings. Overall, the company provides its clients with the right directions and help them overcome the bottlenecks towards a successful grant application.

The DigitAI team has the expertise to provide public and private players in the digital world with Technical Development Services, Project Management Services and Marketing Services (Dissemination & Communication Services, Commercialization Services) to accelerate the development and go-to market activities for its clients’ innovative products and services. The DigitAI consultants have a deep knowledge of the digital markets and a wide network of connections to effectively boost the productivity and sales of the company’s clientele.

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